too loud

toque neff
jacket adidas
crop tank garage
skirt h&m
heels zara
watch casio

There are so many staple items in this outfit. The toque I wear with everything when I haven't had a chance to powder my hair. With cocaine. HAHA. The Adidas jacket I've had for yeaaaaaaaarrsss and it's still in tip-top shape. The heels? Don't even. If they don't remake this style every two years (average life expectancy of my shoes) for the rest of my life then I... I don't know. I spent way too long thinking of a witty ending to that sentence and now I need to wrap up this post to sleep. The Casio watch was one of my first purchases from the original Livestock in Vancity - also from many eons ago. All the sales person had to say was "Lady Gaga edi-" SOLD! It's a great pop of color without being too loud. You know what's loud? The volume in clubs.

photography by Nelson Wei


a greasy i love you

Here I am waiting to get picked up (I'm not). Also, a nice chair.

coat vero moda
shirt hollister
skirt club monaco
shoes michael kors
purse mom's vintage aka no name and may as well be kirkland signature

I was minding my own business eating spaghetti and a slice of pizza (simultaneously, DUH) with my back facing my mom when she asked if I had just come home from walking in the rain. I said no. She asked why then was my hair wet. I thought about it but, still, no memory of ducking from such rain. I realized my hair wasn't wet; it was just greasy. Love you too, mom.

Actually, she told me she loved me for the first time recently. This is big news for me. I mean, it was in the form of an emoticon sticker with a cartoon character yelling the words "I love you" during a family group chat in which she randomly sent out a string of stickers regarding nothing in particular because she just wanted attention... but I'll take it. It's taken. I have it. It's mine. 

Andbythewei, I get at least ten points for two smoothly transitioned, self-deprecating anecdotes.

 Wow. It's been at least 35 minutes. Still no show. See the intense side eye? 
And do not look up the shadows of my skirt.......... I knew you'd do it anyway, you perv.


what did i just say

jacket zara
top garage clothing don't judge me
skirt forever21
purse rebecca minkoff

This pose is so twisted. Literally. Look at me. What am I doing cupping my hips at an angle like that? Get out of here. Below is a shot of me trying to cover my feet because I couldn't manage to find shoes to match this outfit in time. That's why both my feet are completely wrapped up like my life depended on it and now they're starting to look like loaves of bread. Mmmm... bread....

Andbythewei, I would've stood up for a better outfit shot but, AS I JUST SAID - PLEASE LISTEN, my shoes were absent.

photography by Nelson Wei



blazer h&m
pants lululemon lab

I'm really digging this new trend of athletic wear mixed in with dress wear. It's been perfect for work. Oh and running tights as pants? I've been doing it since leggings became a thing so I'm glad I'm in an office where everyone sees this as totally normal and acceptable. 

These pair of pants/tights are the sht. Sold exclusively at the lab, the square mesh pieces in the back thigh area has a stocking line running down the middle. It's the right amount peekaboo. It will make you want to walk down the street. Backwards. 

Andbythewei, I'm totally not grabbing anything in the kitchen. It's not even my kitchen. But do you see that pointed toe? DETAILS, PEOPLE.

photography by Nelson Wei


abort mission

jacket zara
blouse mango
necklace wish i remembered
pants lululemon
shoes zara
scarf urban outfitters

Andbythewei, this scarf wins the Scarf Awards. I've had it for three winters now. I've never washed it. It smells likes *deep nostril inhale* a lot of history of the places I've been (restaurants) and the people I've met (eaten at restaurants with). It doubles as a blanket, I get asked about it where ever I go and it matches with everything! Try, just TRY, to think of an outfit that it DOESN'T match with......................................... damn it, you might be right about that.

Sht, why am I wearing a scarf and sandals at the same god damn time? Ignore this post altogether. ABORT.

photography by Nelson Wei

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